Posted by: liv | June 30, 2013


Moonlight Beach in Encinitas went through its own renovation a little while ago and I snagged this picture last weekend of it in all its glory.  It has been pretty beautiful weather and all our beach-goers have been taking advantage of what they have.

Things have been super crazy lately.  We are under 30 days left until the wedding and all the little items I left till the last minute are creeping up as well as all my vendor meetings.  This leaves zero time to head to the Del Mar Fair and eat some of the delicious/terrible food and that could not make me sadder.

Speaking of sad, Google Reader shuts down tomorrow, July 1st.  I have moved just about all you wonderful blogs out there to Blog Lovin and the rest of you who aren’t there, I am working on that tonight.

One fun item I was able to make was this cake for my brother’s birthday. 



It is a spin off another cake he saw on a Facebook fan site called Different Solutions.  It was really sweet and chocolaty.  For a first time, it was excellent and could use a couple improvements for the next time.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday and happy Social Media day!


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