Posted by: liv | March 31, 2013


Here is a picture of San Diego bay and the Coronado bridge.  I found it on Pinterest.  I chose this because tomorrow, I start a new job where this view is less than a mile away!  When I am not (trying to do) blogging, I work in HR.  I’ve never worked in a downtown area before, so this will be fun and exciting!  I’m slowly getting tips on some of the best places to go eat (read: Little Italy!)

Things have been pretty busy lately.   March is the month of birthdays so I’ve been out to a lot of celebrations this month.  Shawn and I also celebrated our own birthday by taking an extended weekend and going to the zoo.  It was a lot of fun (and super tiring, that place is enormous).  In addition to that, we just recently mailed out our wedding invitations!  Things are really moving along.  I can hardly believe that the wedding will be here in 4 months!

This may not be a surprise but I don’t have much of a roundup this week.  I hope to get caught up soon and have something good for you soon!

Enjoy your Easter everyone!


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