Posted by: liv | March 5, 2013

Wedding Post 3 of Who Knows

It’s been a while since I had something to say dedicated to wedding planning.  Despite the mostly “easy-ness” of this, there have been some random bumps in the road too.  I found that details I had decided on months and months ago are suddenly either less feasible or no longer appealing and then I start stalking browsing Pinterest just to figure out something new.  After that, I start wondering if I want to go the DIY route or pay someone to do it.  It is really nuts what one can do to their own brain.  One example was centerpieces…

Holy cow, I did not think I’d be all wishy washy about centerpieces, and then I thought of about 40 different ideas.  I have been all over the mason jar trend, the succulents trend, the wine/beer bottles trend, the dying jars with modge podge trend.  Nothing was holding me long enough to actually execute it.  Thankfully, I have recently been brought back to Earth by a store that I had no idea I’d even buy from…Z Gallerie!  I found these babies and they’re simple, yet elegant enough to start off the centerpiece planning (and our wedding color!)



So now we’re off to a good start.  I am really excited and can’t wait to start pairing it with the rest of the ideas I have for it!

Another example is favors.  What is an appropriate favor?  I have seen lots of amazing favors at friend’s weddings, Pinterest, blogs…what the heck am I going to pick?  My initial idea was chocolate…but then after some time, I realized that I will be having a wedding in San Diego in July…chocolate cannot possibly be an option at that time.  So…back to the drawing board!

And yet ANOTHER example is probably going to be one of the most difficult…scripting the ceremony.  This is less of a wishy-washy debacle as it is more of a “I have to agree with Shawn” debacle 🙂  We are having my big sister marry us and now we must plan the ceremony so she knows what to do.  I have been Googling “planning your ceremony” and there are a lot of fantastic ideas and options.  Wrangling them all into a 15ish minute ceremony, complete is 85% wording planned is going to be a tough one.

But…with that said, I recognize that this is all part of the planning process.  I am not alone.  I have tons of help and support.  These are such little things that can be overcome.  I’m looking forward to finishing this all and celebrating the big day.  Some items I am excited to check off my list – save-the-dates, rehearsal dinner plans, registry, wedding hotel, invitation assembling, catering menu, that is a lot to be proud of!

Have you ever frantically changed your mind on the details of your wedding?  How did you bring yourself back to reality?  (I’m thinking yoga is in my future…namaste).



  1. itll all fall into place – dont worry! what your beef with z gallerie!?!? is it bc you feel loyal to crate and barrel? i used the little bud vases from crate and barrel when i hosted my sister-in-laws bridal shower – each place setting was greeted with a bud and the vase and a little note inviting them to take the vase home. 🙂

    good luck love bug!

    • Hehe, I love Z Gallerie! I just have never bought anything from there because it’s pricey. The votive cups were on sale though, so it was like a successful trip. They have these lanterns that I love, but they’re new so I’m hoping to see them on sale in a few months 🙂

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