Posted by: liv | March 4, 2013


Dangit, I was so close, but then I got sidetracked!  Better late than never?

Last week, I went hiking with my team at work at Torrey Pines State Park and one of these hiking trails leads to the beach! In my opinion, that is the best place to end up after a long hike…even though we had to hike back to the cars.

I have been bogged down with a few items so I hope to be better again with the blogging! Wedding plans are chugging along, I will write a new post just for that 🙂  My birthday is also coming up…I was starting to forget I even had a birthday with all this wedding business happening. I will be hitting the big 3-1. I’m not mature enough to be 31, but oh well, what must come, will come.

Here is my mini-roundup (better late than never!):

  • This is the coolest wedding I have ever seen.   There are Napolean Dynamite references!!  People in Austin really know how to have fun.
  • I am loving all this wall art.  It is insanely tempting because we really need to beef up our wall art too.  Shawn and I have drastically different ideas in art, which makes it difficult.
  • Oh Joy! was right, this is a pretty amazing image.
  • Mountain biking…on one wheel…holy crap.
  • I want to steal this idea for my household too!

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