Posted by: liv | December 2, 2012

{source: pinterest}

Today I was just chatting with my friend who lives in Australia now and found out we’ll get to see him soon since he’s going to come back to the states for a visit so I was inspired to bring you an amazing Pinterest picture, apparently of Aurora Australia. I wish that I was there to enjoy sights like this!!  This month, I’m going to try to keep the roundup’s Christmas related because we only have a few weeks to do that 🙂

    • Design Crush created this amazing Christmas Card roundup.  I love love loved every single one of them.
    • This is a bit late, but I found this hilarious Black Friday Prank video.  I know I couldn’t say any of these with a straight face.
    • Apparently this post was for St. Patrick’s Day, BUT it makes so much sense for it to also be a Christmas Drink!  (Found via Pinterest)
    • I bought a bag of cranberries and can’t even think of what I wanted to do with them. Well now I have some ideas!
    • Two awesome ways to have an alternative Christmas tree.  One and Two.

Wedding update!  We moved forward on a caterer and the engagement photo session is coming up soon.  Very exciting!  With Christmas parties, shopping, and visiting of families, who knows how we’re going to handle this.  We will try though, oh yes, we will try!  Enjoy your week everyone!


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