Posted by: liv | November 27, 2012

Christmas In The New Place

We had an interesting time this year because our new place is a bit smaller, has no fireplace, and all our walls were filled with large furniture already so we had to get creative.  We used our faux tree this year because there seemed like no real way to get a humongous tree in here.  At least we were still able to put the tree near our only mantel.


Determined to get colorful lights up somewhere inside the apartment (since they weren’t going on the tree), Shawn improvised.


For the table centerpieces, I put baubles and/or garland these martini glasses and “memories” box instead of my usual vases.


Shawn and I have a cheesy tradition of picking up a Christmas ornament from places we traveled to (if time permits, we are still missing a couple locations).  Which leads me to the special ornament this year, the Catalina boat, which represents our engagement this summer (how lucky were we that a gift shop even sells ornaments in July?!)


Hope you all are having a wonderful start to the Christmas season!  I’d love to hear some of your decorating ideas and tricks this year!



  1. Love it liv. We also pick up ornaments from the different places we go and have had to improvise sometimes. Keychain s make great ornaments!! Happy Holidays dear friend!

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