Posted by: liv | November 25, 2012


Finally, I was able to get you a picture I actually took!  Shawn and I were in Oxnard, CA visiting his relatives for Thanksgiving.  He took me to the harbor, which is across from the beach and that is where I managed to get this awesome picture.

The roundup is a little bare since I was in Thanksgiving mode this week:

  • Psy’s Gangnam Style is now the most watched YouTube video of all time and to celebrate – Oppa Heidi Klum Style AND Oppa Christmas Style!
  • Anyone have any thoughts on the new Scream and Shout song from and Britney Spears?  I haven’t decided yet.
  • Now that it is Christmas season, here is where to see some lights if you are here in San Diego!
  • Nerd-alert – I got my Professor Layton and the Last Specter game in the mail!  It was released in 2011 and I completely missed it!  Not sure how.  Nevertheless, I have it now.  Goodbye wedding planning, haha.

Not much new on the wedding plans this week since it’s the holidays.  Shawn and I are still in catering tasting mode and I am also in research mode for blocking out hotel rooms for guests.  Oh yeahhhhh, and I have to add Christmas shopping to this too!  Adventures in December for sure!  Happy holiday season everyone!

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