Posted by: liv | November 14, 2012

Wedding Post 2 of Who Knows

I guess based off how quickly I’ve been trying to get all this wedding business planned, some people are saying things to me regarding how I must have had this planned for a LONG TIME.  Well, that’s both true and not true at the same time.  My wedding “plans” have seen some serious evolution as I have gotten older.  Examples:

Kid – Church
My 20’s – Beach
Actual – Botanic Garden

Kid – ball gown
Teens/20’s – Strapless A-line
Actual – Oh, I still haven’t told you yet, well it’s not a ball gown or a Strapless A-line, but it won’t be revealed until closer to the date.  Hint – it has LACE 🙂

Color theme:
Kid – pink
My 20’s – pink or red (mostly because red is a traditional Chinese color)
Actual – purple

Kid – Roses
My 20’s – Roses, but then became peonies
Actual – a lot of purple flowers that aren’t roses or peonies

Kid – traditional tiered cake
My 20’s – Cupcakes
Actual – Bundt cakes

I guess what I’m trying to get at here is that times have changed, styles have changed, and I have changed.  You never really know until you know.  Just wanted to set the record straight. 🙂

You can still see most of my actual wedding plans on my Pinterest board.  Did your wedding plans see a lot of evolution as well or did it stay true to your childhood dream wedding?


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