Posted by: liv | November 4, 2012


As usual, I have been terrible in getting my own pictures 😦 so I brought you this picture of the Children’s Pool area in La Jolla (sort of near where I was for breakfast today).

I have to run shortly to a movie so I don’t have much of a roundup today except for that:

  • My thoughts are with everyone affected by Sandy.  If you haven’t donated already, then you can through redcross.
  • I also saw the movie Argo this weekend and it was AMAZING.  What a brave and scary mission to go on and that is it based off a true story!  Ben Affleck gets major kudos.
  • While I was out looking for new pants, I found a new sweater that I’m going to use for the 2nd outfit in my engagement photo shoot! (With jeans though, not leggings).  I still have yet to obtain those pants…

I hope you remembered to fall back an hour today!  Enjoy the rest of your Sunday everyone!



  1. Ooo gorgeous pic as usual, Liv! And what a great sweater! I can’t wait to see your engagement shots!

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