Posted by: liv | October 28, 2012

{source: mcmillin realty via google}

Aw man, I had a great view of Carlsbad, CA and I wanted to take a picture for you guys but I was running late to a baby shower and it was dark by the time I left.  I googled a picture for you guys though!  Here is the roundup:

  • I’ve been waiting all week to share this lovely post by Jess Lively.  It helped put a sucky week into a good light.
  • The renovations at my closest mall, Westfield UTC are almost complete!  The grand opening is November 15.  I am pumped for the new Arclight movie theater.  They’re working hard to bring in nicer stores, but I saw a Tesla shop there! Unexpected.
  • I am a huge nerd about Taylor Swift, but whatever, she announced her tour for 2013!!!  Aw yeah, August 15!  (Thankfully, this is not our wedding day…or month!)
  • Happy Halloween!  Did you see this guy’s crazy illusion-prank?!
  • This looks like a pretty fun way to get a coca-cola.
  • Finally…I updated my recipe blog with a new Fall recipe I found!
  • Obligatory wedding update – I found a dress for the engagement photos…for the beach portion of the shoot 🙂

I hear that Frankenstorm is really kicking it up a notch for my east coasters.  Along with that, a tsunami is in effect for the folks in the Pacific Northwest, Hawaii, and Southern Alaska.  Stay safe everyone!!!!


  1. I absolutely love that dress. I can’t wait to see the engagement photos!

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