Posted by: liv | October 21, 2012

{Source: Pinterest via Tumblr}

Here is a beautiful picture of Sunset Cliffs in the Ocean Beach area here in San Diego.  It is one of the few places Shawn and I are considering engagement photos! 🙂

Here is my roundup for the week:

  • The funniest prank that I would love to try 🙂
  • This was a pretty interesting article talking about the perks of working from home.  Yes please!
  • Have you ever consigned your clothes?  I have been interested in trying that out.  We have a local one which is actually pretty cool and has a lot of awesome items for purchase as well!
  • Since it is pumpkin season, we’ll need to make a trip to the pumpkin patch soon.  Here is a good list if you are in San Diego and are interested, we went to Bates Nut Farm last time.  A couple years ago, Shawn and I made a pumpkin pie.  What are your favorite pumpkin recipes?

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