Posted by: liv | October 7, 2012

{source – tripadvisor}

I have been boring and haven’t been anywhere lately to take a fun water picture, so I googled this baby for you guys.  It is a meaningful picture though because it is the Reflection Pond at the SD Botanic Garden (my wedding venue!)  It is not where the actual ceremony takes place, but we’ll probably get a few pics around here for sure.

Here’s my roundup (seems to be all movies/weddings this week):

  • The theme song to the new Bond movie Skyfall has been released.  The lovely Adele sang it.  I have been OBSESSED with it.  I would really love Adele to tour again.  I enjoyed her last one so much!

  • I  saw the movie Pitch Perfect this weekend.  It is one of the better female comedy/chick flicks I have seen in a while.  If you like comedy and acapella, I encourage you to see it!  I had quite a few laughs there.
  • They are starting to promote the movie Les Miserables (yes, the musical).  It looks truly amazing with a stellar cast.  I am really excited to see this.
  • The radio and news channels have all been talking about this crazy letter a bride wrote to her bridal party.  Have you read it?  What did you think?  Read it here.
  • Obligatory wedding update – we booked our photographers!  Now we can schedule an engagement session, super excited.  I have been searching for a really cute dress to wear.  I’ve pinned a couple potential style options on Pinterest here, here, and here.  What do you think of the styles?


  1. Ooo lovely links, Liv! That is a gorgeous shot of your wedding venue — it’s going to be so beautiful! And I was so excited about finding the perfect wedding photographer — I know that can be tricky (might have been because I literally just googled “Atlanta wedding photographers” ;).
    I love all your dress choices — especially the first two!

    • Thank you!!! We’ve been very lucky with our vendors as 90% of them were recommendations. I can’t wait to get a new pretty dress and get this engagement session on the road 🙂 Will keep you posted once it is picked out!

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