Posted by: liv | September 30, 2012

I found this picture on the Facebook Page of the Outer Banks (in North Carolina) called Visit The Outer Banks.  It is one of my favorite vacation spots.  It takes about 5ish hours to drive here from the DC area.

This house in particular was featured in the movie Nights in Rodanthe.  In fact, I went to one of my best friend’s wedding in an area a few miles away from this house in Hatteras and tried to take a picture of it…of course it didn’t look as good because of the storms that happened beforehand, see?

Here is my roundup for the week:

  • In case anyone follows George Takei on Facebook (one big reason I am laughing daily at the internet), I preordered his new book Oh Myyy! and I am super pumped to read it.  He has also been here in San Diego performing his Broadway play Allegiance at the Old Globe Theater.  I hear it is excellent, I need to go get tickets!
  • The San Diego Asian Film Festival season is back and will be kicking off on November 1.  I used to volunteer for this organization last year, but found I had way too much on my plate so I had to pull out of volunteering this year.  I am excited to see films there this year.  Namely this one based on my favorite video game series (sorry, you guys are probably realizing how big a nerd I am).  If you or anyone you know loves film festivals, tell them to check this one out!
  • This week, I went to an art auction where the proceeds went to benefit Wounded Warrior Homes.  It was put on by the Marketing Association that I am a part of and it was a great time.  Shawn and I won 2 pieces of art so we’re so happy to help support a great cause and get some awesome art for our apartment!
  • No new wedding updates yet except that we are interviewing photographers.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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