Posted by: liv | September 16, 2012


This past year, Shawn and I have been into hiking in new places.  A couple weeks ago, we were up in Seattle, Washington visiting family, and we managed to all go out hiking at St. Edwards State Park.  This tiny “beach” part is at the end/middle of a few trails with a view of Lake Washington.

I wanted to try something new and add a link roundup of my favorite stuff/things that I found interesting this week.  It seems like the perfect weekly post to start adding my roundup series:

  • Have you guys gotten hooked on the Gangnam Style song yet?  I finally did.  I didn’t expect to get so addicted yet.
  • If you guys love Sprinkles Cupcakes like I do, I’ve noticed tons of people claiming this Facebook offer.  Better hurry!
  • This someecard made me laugh hysterically, especially because I am due for a grocery trip soon.

Don’t worry, if you were expecting a wedding update, I actually am working on one for you guys!  You can also see my “actual” wedding committed and potential ideas on my Pinterest page!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!


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