Posted by: liv | July 7, 2012

Vacation Part 2 – Detroit

Upon arrival in Detroit, we didn’t have too much time to relax as we had a surprise birthday party to get to!  Shawn’s friend Todd planned for months a surprise birthday dinner for this wife.  Lucky for us, it coincided with the same weekend we were going to be traveling to North Carolina.  It’s wonderful how things work out that way.  We had a delicious fondue dinner at The Melting Pot and then relaxed until the next day.

On day 2, we left bright and early for a day-trip to Traverse City.  It is about 4 hours Northwest of Detroit and it a gorgeous little area that is full of shops, restaurants, and also happens to have wineries.  The plan was to enjoy some meals and wine tasting on the peninsula. At the top of the peninsula is a lighthouse that we also checked out.  It was a fabulous day.

Day two and three were a little more relaxing.  Just scoping out parts of Detroit.  That normally wouldn’t sound exciting to anyone, but since I have never been to Detroit, Todd was kind enough to show me some tourist spots including the Riverwalk, the Joe Louis arm, Spirit of Detroit, the sports stadiums, and the train station (that needs to be restored, it’s so beautiful).

We also ate at these two places and they were AMAZING.  It wasn’t completely on purpose that Todd brought us here, but trying out restaurants that are featured on food shows is one of my favorite things to do in a new city.

The next day, we had to come home.  (Not before I asked to be taken to White Castle for nostalgia reasons).  It was a fantastic vacation.  Oh, have you been to Detroit airport?  This hallway there is the coolest thing I have ever seen in any airport.  Check it out next time you happen to fly there.

Until next time!



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