Posted by: liv | March 29, 2012

A “Complex” Life

It’s been roughly 2  months since we moved into our new place and I have to say…living in a ‘”typical” apartment complex is a VERY different feeling/lifestyle than living in a private condo.  Some differences in our new way-of-life include only having 1 roommate (Shawn), my mailbox is longer than 5 steps away from my door, I live on the 4th floor instead of the 1st floor, I don’t have use of a private garage anymore, and now I have access to a pool, hot tub, and gym.  It’s give-and-take really.  We’re still not fully set up yet, I’d say we’re at 90% with the last few things being to hang artwork, unpack a few more boxes in the office/guest room, and to sell our old coffee table.

Speaking of coffee table, say hello to our newest addition, Hako!

It is not a lovely craigslist find (like I normally like to go after), but it is nice to spoil ourselves with something new for a change.  It gives us so much more space in our living room now than our old one too.  It’s amazing how different the configuration of your furniture can get when you move it out of one place and put it in another.

I hope to have more pictures for you later.  As I said above, we’re working on the placement of our art/photos and I’ve been scouring Pinterest to find some ideas that I can easily execute.  The next update will even have our new area rug that Shawn was pretty pumped about.  Will let you know!

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