Posted by: liv | March 15, 2012


Well, I did it.  I made it to 30 years old.  It is a completely weird feeling to not be in my 20’s anymore….or to at least to be considered 30, especially because I tend to act 18 most of the time (haha, I kid, I kid…sort of.) 

It has been a fun week so far.  My sister visited from Florida to visit. Her, my brother and I ran the San Diego Half Marathon at Petco Park and we spent some time playing with my nephew.  Now Shawn and I have plans to have a few date nights. (We are pretty low-key people.)  With Jenny out of town, we are likely planning an actual celebration for next month…like bowling.



Anyway, as I look back on the past 30 years, I feel pretty lucky to have my life turn out how it did.  I have amazing family and friends and I have a home with Shawn and life just feels good now.



  1. Happy happy birthday my dear and darling friend. so proud of you and the sibs for running last week! soon ill make it out there to visit you and shawn! have a fabulous day and 30th birthday! love you!

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