Posted by: liv | March 9, 2012

Wedding Wish Granters

Oh gosh, before you get ahead of yourself, I did NOT get engaged and this post isn’t about any wedding that is related to me.

This post is about a non-profit I discovered last year from Style Me Pretty called Wish Upon a Wedding (P.S. SMP was my online wedding idea addiction before Pinterest showed up).  Think Make-a-Wish Foundation for weddings.  Their mission is to “provide weddings and vow renewals to couples facing terminal illness and serious life altering circumstances, regardless of sexual orientation.”  (How amazing is that?)  Since the inception in 2010, they’ve spread with at least 30 chapters all across the U.S. and have provided over 30 wedding (wishes) to couples facing various life-altering circumstances.  For me, that seems like a pretty amazing set of accomplishments for having been around 2ish years.

Last summer, I volunteered at the San Diego Chapter’s chapter-launch party in La Jolla.  (I even ended up in a couple of their event pictures on Facebook!)  Everywhere I turned, there were florists, planners, caterers (hello appetizers!), photographers…everyone in every part of the industry!  If you are in the wedding industry, this is really an organization you should look into, both to give back and to make connections.  I am not in the wedding industry so that was a little awkward to be telling people “I’m just here because I think this organization is pretty awesome,” but everyone there was incredibly nice to me and thought it was pretty cool that I just wanted to help out.  The launch party was fantastic and I remain on their volunteer list in case I am ever needed.  They are currently in the process of finding their first couple to grant a wish to.  I hope that they do a great job and that I can read on FB or SMP or anywhere that they’ve finally granted a wish to someone.

If this sounds good to you, please spread the word and help this organization grow!  Is there a chapter in your town?


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