Posted by: liv | January 10, 2012

Unexpected Resolutions

This year, I did not make any New Year’s resolutions.  It actually stresses me out to keep them.  I decided to just try and live better (a little vague, but I am fine with it).  But since January 1, I have discovered what I am now calling “Unexpected Resolutions” where I just start assimilating things into my life as I discover them or decide to.  So far, I am at three:

1. Making the bed every day – OK, I will admit that I NEVER EVER EVER make the bed.  It is a horrible trait.  I mostly only make the bed when I am on a cleaning/decluttering spree.  Since Jan. 1, I have made the bed every single day after getting out of bed…well kind of half-assed, but that’s better than nothing.  Baby steps after all 🙂

2. Eliminating junk mail – I actually did this last year, but need to revisit.  I wake up to 18 emails every day.  I delete at least 15 of them.  I hate junk mail.  I signed up for things because they were very trendy at the time and I find that I’m never using them (mostly daily deal sites and discount shopping sites).  So I am not only unsubscribing to them, I am also making sure that I CANCEL the account altogether.  I haven’t gotten through all of them yet, but I am slowly whittling down my inbox number.

3. PHONE STACK – I just discovered Phone Stack yesterday when my cousin tweeted this article.  I am COMPLETELY guilty about staring at my phone during meals (hell, during TV, running, whatever I can get away with), and I know it’s a medium-to-high level of rudeness so that idea could not have come at a better time.  The basics are that everyone stacks their phone in the middle of the table during a meal and whoever picks theirs up first pays for the whole bill.  Shawn and I did a phone stack last night for dinner and we didn’t pick it up the entire time we were eating.  I actually got to ask him how his day at work was!  Now I don’t know that we’ll necessarily play Phone Stack all the time, but it’s a great way to be away from the phone and give mealtimes(and the people you eat with) the importance that they deserve.

Did you have any planned or Unexpected Resolutions?



  1. These are some really good unexpected resolutions! I usually have goals and a word of the year, so I don’t usually have unexpected resolutions, but I do find things to add to the list. I just had my review and discovered my bonus is enough to get a new TV that I’ve been wanting/needing…so I “resolved” to get one once I have the bonus in my hot little hands. My pay raise is more than I hoped for, so I got to move a few items up the list as far as when I’ll be able to pay them off, like, to this year instead of some vague date in the future, so I guess that counts. I hope you continue to find things that you want to accomplish this year in your quest to live better.

    • Oooo a word of the year is a great idea. I will be remembering that one. I hope that your bonus comes quickly so you can get that TV! Have a wonderful 2012! 🙂

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