Posted by: liv | December 10, 2011

Christmas and Baking #1


Has everyone been doing alright?  I have been so busy and have missed blogging so much.

I finally had time to make something this holiday season, though it is for a Christmas party tonight so it was for a reason.  I made my usual rice krispy treats (is it krispy or krispie?) but I put a slightly different twist to it.  I dipped them in chocolate! 

Making them is pretty easy, I followed the directions for the treats on the rice krispy box.  After they cool down, I followed the directions for “dipping fruit” on the bag of chocolate chips (hint, crisco is involved).  I dipped the treats in the chocolate and then left them on a wax papered cookie sheet to cool off (I don’t think putting them into the refrigerator is a good idea).

Here is a picture of the first batch I made.  They are pretty yummy.

Hope you are all enjoying your Christmas season.  How is it going for you all?  Please share!!


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