Posted by: liv | November 6, 2011

The Kid’s Crane

Not only do the Christmas commercials and store-fronts start early now, now is the time for the annual AJ’s Kid’s Crane, by our local radio morning host, AJ Machado.  AJ hosts Star 94.1 San Diego’s morning show, AJ In The Morning.  (He used to host the morning show on the 93.3 station, but when he moved, so did I).  I think it’s a great cause.  When I was in Virginia, I would participate in the local Salvation Army Giving Tree, but when I had a (strangely) difficult time finding that here in San Diego, I made this my immediate replacement.

{image from}

This year is his 10th Annual AJ’s Kid’s Crane – AJ lives in a Crane (for real) at the Mission Valley IKEA parking lot until 100,000 toys are donated for kids at Rady’s Children’s Hospital.  These toys are stored and throughout the year, are given to kids who are staying at that hospital.  I believe he’s stayed in the crane for anywhere between 1-3 weeks depending on the year he did them.

If you are interested in giving this year, go to this website for details.  You can even go to the IKEA parking lot and bring the toys in person, they usually have people on-site to process these and throughout the week, they’ll be holding some special events in the evening.

Tis the season!  Do you have a favorite Holiday Season charity?

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