Posted by: liv | October 2, 2011

Having Too Much Off-season Fun

Ever train for a big race or go through a workout phase and then decide you are going on an off-season break and then the break lasts longer than the week that it should last and you have a difficult time getting back into the “on-season” like you should?  That is how I feel about now.  I haven’t worked out/trained for anything since (or really even before) my triathlon last month.

Today I saw my cousin, Calvin, do his first triathlon.  He came down from LA to try one here in San Diego (the one I did last year when I was starting out in triathlons).  He did great. We estimated his time at about 1 hour and 14 minutes (20 minutes faster than me.  I am a horrible biker).  I was so excited for him.  Anyways, he is making me realize I need to end my off-season ASAP and get back to it!  Another thing that is making me realize is that dress #2 is about to get used soon (does anyone remember when I posted about dress #1?).  It is almost time for dress #2. Pictures to come later!

Alright, let’s hop to it!  What have you all been up to lately?  How do you get back to the “on-season”?



  1. Olivia, I’m just so impressed you have on-seasons! I’m terrible at working out — ever. Cath is much better than I am at that sort of thing. I’m hoping now that I live in a hilly city without a car, I at least won’t die of a heart attack quite so young now.
    Let us know how it’s going getting back into training! I’m muy impressed!

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