Posted by: liv | September 18, 2011

Catch Up: Shoving 1 Month Into 1 Post

I’ve missed you guys in blogland so much!  This whole year in itself has been crazy busy, but here is past month in 1 blog post:

Chapter 1: Surprise!

A couple posts ago, my whole family was at Dim Sum and we took a silly family panoramic video.  Something like that would never really happen because our whole family does not live in the same city/state anymore.  Our (immediate) family was in town to celebrate my brother and sister-in-law’s new baby, Mason.  What my mother didn’t know was that during her trip here, we had the rest of the family (at least the ones who could make it) fly into town throughout the weekend to give her a surprise 60th birthday party.  We had to play off my 2 sisters’ arrivals as “Oh hey, we had time, so we wanted to come down and see you!” and she was incredibly excited, especially because my one sister brought her two kids, whom we all love.  Fast Forward to the big night.  We gathered everyone at Poseidon in Del Mar, and after some waiting, mom walked in with my brother and we all yelled “Surprise!”…she was completely shocked, it was really emotional.  It was a fantastic night.  We also hired a photographer to take family photos the next day.  It was one of the best trips I’m sure she’s had in a long time.

Chapter 2: Taylor!!  OMGGGGGGG!  WE LOVE YOU TAYLOR!!! (Me in my best “tween” voice)

To cap my Summer Concert Series with Jenny (Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Adele), we finished off with by far our favorite one, Taylor Swift!  We drove up to LA with our friends Janette and Allie, and hung out all afternoon prior to the heading into Staples Center.  Jenny and I are never disappointed with Taylor Swift.  We screamed out every song like a 12 year old girl, and received Jason Mraz as our surprise guest performer (probably nothing compared to the day before that had Justin Bieber).  If you were wondering what her tour is like, just check out her latest video for Sparks Fly, and you’ll have an idea.  I really can’t say who had the BEST performance of the year, but this summer was just incredibly great for concerts.

Chapter 3: Blackout, then Break-in

Did anyone not in California manage to read about our County-wide blackout?  On Thursday, Sept. 8, I was at work when the power went out.  After some time, we learned it was a blackout, we I went home (apparently quicker than others as it took Shawn about 1.5 hours to get home and me only 30 minutes), and we had to make do with some dinner improvising.  Enter the portable range (we use this for Chinese Hot Pot), and we made some pasta with canned stewed tomatoes for dinner.  This was the first time that all the roommates were home in a while so we chilled together that night and played cards by candlelight.  It was a fun night.

Of course, enter Friday, the power came back on, and we all went to work as normal, and then someone broke into our apartment and stole a few choice items of varying value from all of us.  We have filed a police report and taken all the proper precautions and everyone is moving forward in replacing various stolen items.  Unfortunately, this is all we can do.  How annoying.

Chapter 4: Tri Harder

The next day after the break-in, we had to kinda buckle down and put on a smiley and game face.  We had Jenny’s birthday dinner on Saturday and then my 2nd Sprint Triathlon on Sunday, the TriRock San Diego.  Jenny’s dinner was at Urban Bar & Grill in Downtown (which was nice for Shawn and I because we had a hotel room downtown for the night near where the triathlon would be).  We had a lot of fun and then we went home so I could finish getting ready and go to bed.

4:30AM rolls around rather fast when you go to bed at midnight.  I woke up and got dressed, Shawn helped me take my bike to the transition area and then we went back to the hotel to relax before my Wave time started (at 7:49AM).  I left the hotel around 7AM and walked down to where the waves meet and hung out until it was time to go.  I was a little more nervous about this race because I did not train as well as I did for my first one, so I was hardly sure how this was going to turn out.  In the end, I only did 3 minutes slower than my first triathlon.  1 hour and 38 minutes.  I was pretty happy with my results.  My brother and sister-in-law came down, as well as a few of my friends.  I was so happy and honored that they came down to cheer me on.  Next year, I am upgrading to an Olympic triathlon, which is essentially double the length of all the legs of a Sprint triathlon.  It will certainly force me to make more time for training.  I am looking forward to the challenge next year.

It was also the same day as the 9/11 10 year anniversary.  Shawn and I did a lot of personal reflection that weekend about it.  I can’t believe it’s been 10 years already.  My thoughts are still with everyone.

And that’s my month-in-a-post.  I am actually relaxing today and doing a little bit of work today, but I wanted to give you guys a quick update on what I am up to and hope that you are all having a great summer-to-fall transition.


  1. Whoa! You’ve had a crazy month! Sorry to hear about the break-in.

  2. busy but super fun month!! except for the burglary. that blows! sorry buddy.

  3. geez- the grand forks nodak mommy is me – obviously! (chilly)

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