Posted by: liv | August 24, 2011

Rolling In The Deep




Last week, Jenny, Shawn (slightly unwillingly), and I went to see Adele at the SDSU Open Air Theater.  It was an amazing night.  Adele is a riot, she tells funny stories and is adorable and was super nice and funny to her fans.  Shawn was a little hesitant to go because her first single “Rolling In The Deep” was getting majorly overplayed but he eventually came around after hearing all her other songs.  Here are the only pictures I could take with my cell phone.

My last concert this summer is Taylor Swift….tonight!  I am spoiled this month 🙂



  1. How fun! I love Adele’s music and her super cute British accent. Have fun at Taylor Swift!

  2. she was awesome at the vmas. you’re so lucky you got to see her!!

  3. […] sang it.  I have been OBSESSED with it.  I would really love Adele to tour again.  I enjoyed her last one so […]

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