Posted by: liv | August 11, 2011

Last Tuesday Night…


Katy in her Candy Dots costume


Fireworks during Firework

Well I guess that is not how the song goes, it goes…”Last Friday Night”….but on Tuesday night, Jenny and I went to see none other than Katy Perry’s California Dreams tour at the Valley View Casino Center (aka the former Sports Arena) and had a blast.  The opener was some Euro group called Oh Land ans then we had this fun DJ called DJ Skeet Skeet who was rocking remixes of current songs.

Then the screen went black and the screens came on telling Katy’s intro.  It was like a mix of Alice in Wonderland meets The Wizard of Oz meets Candyland.  Then the stage lit up and Katy took the stage in her usual silly outfits with candy type flare to it on a very Candyland themed stage.

Katy was fun, she is not a dancer by any means and you could tell throughout the entire show, but she knew how to have fun and I think in the world of concerts, that is pretty important.  She also sounds great live.  Our new favorite song is that Peacock song.  😛

We have 2 more concerts this month.  Adele and Taylor Swift.  I am soooooooooo excited.  Have you been to any good concerts this year?


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