Posted by: liv | June 26, 2011

Till The World Ends…

If the world ended late Friday night, I was dancing until that very last second because on Friday, Jenny, Caryn and I went to see Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj in the Femme Fatale tour at the Honda Center in Anaheim (after killing a few hours at Downtown Disney).  I haven’t seen a Britney Spears concert since her Oops! I Did It Again tour when I was in high school (wow, that is a while back too, I am only now realizing…).  There were two other openers who were less than memorable.  This pair of DJ’s from Australia whose names I missed, but were techno-ing up the place for about 30 minutes.  Then that lead into this pop singer called Jessie and the Toy Boys, where she had 2 very random backup dancers.  Eh.

Then the stage went dark again and on the screens on-stage, we were taken to what looked like a galaxy far away and there was a voice explaining the evil Nemesis and how Nicki Minaj was the “Roman” who was sent to destroy the Nemesis.  Nicki came out and did her thing.  I always thought she was a little random, but I have been in love with that Super Bass song lately.  I overall enjoyed her performance.

Afterwards, there was about a 30 minute break before Britney came on, which gave us time for some pictures and getting a drink.

Finally, the countdown ended and the music got louder.  The screen opened up and out popped Britney!!!  She did a great job.  I am aware that due to her age, mental breakdown a while back and struggle to get back to where she can be a full-fledged entertainer again, she is probably not able to give the level she could give at 16.  However, any flaws that we think we’d see because of that were perfectly hidden and she still brought the house down.  I was dancing, singing, and yelling the entire night.  She covered a good chunk of the Femme Fatale album and managed to get in almost all of her greatest hits.  She did her verse of the updated S&M song originally by Rihanna, and covered Madonna’s song, Burning Up (I couldn’t remember that at the time, I had to youtube it later after Caryn told me what the song was).  Anyways, back to my point, she was spectacular.  It is by far the best concert I have been to this year.

The next 2 concerts I have coming up this summer are Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.  Good luck topping this one ladies.  The bar has been set pretty high.



  1. AWESOME! I am seeing her Wednesday night!!!!!!

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