Posted by: liv | June 16, 2011

Whatever Happens In Vegas…

…gets posted to my blog (well, most of it) 😉


I am still trying to recover from the weekend.  It was a long, but fun one.  A few highlights…

1-Flightline at the Fremont Street Experience (aka Downtown Las Vegas)

The Fremont Street Flight Line is a zip line through the main Fremont Street strip.  It is $15 before 6pm and $20 after 6pm.  If you can time it right, $20 after 6pm is well worth the money when the light show comes on on the roof above you.  Here is a video from their website.

2-Australia’s Thunder From Down Under

Any Bachelorette party should really make a stop here for a little fun.  The 80 minute show is full of men doing hilarious dancing and lots of screaming ladies just having a blast cheering on the Aussies. The Excalibur hotel is not really my favorite, but this show is always worth a try.

3-Minus 5 ice bar

Have you ever heard of the Ice Hotel in Sweden, or even Canada?  Well, have a little bit of fun Ice Hotel style in Vegas.  Depending on the package you pay for, you can rent boots, a coat, and get a few drinks in an ice shot glass.  It’s cold, but not horribly cold in there, if you can handle the winter, then you can handle some fun in Minus 5.

Here is a picture of us on bachelorette party night.

Some relaxing and poolside tanning was also had too.  I also won $70 at the penny slots.  Can’t wait to go back to Vegas again!


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