Posted by: liv | May 28, 2011

And Breathe…

Oh blog world, I miss you all so much.  I have been horribly busy lately and very neglectful of blogging, which I really do enjoy.

This Memorial Day weekend is also staycation weekend.  Shawn and I are spending time at the “Kona Resort” (no, we’re not in Hawaii, we’re housesitting for my brother and sister-in-law’s house and dogsitting their dog Kona.  Good thing we have roommates to housesit our own house while we’re away!).  We have access to wonderful amenities, and lovely room accommodations.  The fridge is stocked, and I am very relaxed after spending a little time in the sun.  To think that I am able to spend 3 days at this “resort.” 🙂

I also get to utilize this weekend to do a lot of side-job catch up (some of that side job really should be cleaning my own apartment, but since we’re housesitting, that will wait till later).  Lately, since I have been busy after joining a few new organizations, I have been super busy with that and my day job.  I will look for any reason to sit on the couch and have a few minutes to breathe and eat ice cream.  Now that I have a few days off, I am going to make sure I get in some organizing/housecleaning done for that, and then have enough time to walk Kona and continue the copy of The Last Song that Shawn’s mom gave me for Christmas….TWO YEARS AGO.  (I’m well aware that this was made into a movie that unfortunately starred Miley Cyrus, but it’s fine, I have made peace with that).

First thing on my list though, was to pop in here and let you guys know that I miss you and that ASAP, I will get back to a regular (or as regular as I can make it) blogging schedule!  Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and let’s thank everyone that gave us the reason for this three day weekend!


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