Posted by: liv | April 11, 2011

Organizing Jewelry

I used to have these 2 really nice jewelry boxes, 1 was a gift from my mom and another was a gift from Shawn…both were given to me in the same year (awkward), so I kept them both.  Well our sink faucets were really leaky and rusty and the water got all over our counter and over time, they warped the wood of both the boxes.  Shoot.  The wood on one of the boxes started warping and crackling and just looked ugly, the other, one of the drawers stopped functioning.  We got the faucets fixed, but those boxes are a lost cause.

Then I saw these awesome craft projects for jewelry and thought that I really wanted to do it!  However, my bathroom doesn’t have a lot of wall space if you can believe it and i didn’t want to take up a lot of counter space with too many different frames for each type of jewelry I had.  So when my birthday passed by and I received a gift card to amazon (score!), I found something that would help partially solve my problem!  It arrived a couple weeks ago and it seems to be working out pretty nicely.

(Oh wow, I need to dust off those sunglasses!)  Now I just need to find a tray for the rest of it.  Still, at least it isn’t sprawled all over the counter like before.  Maybe some other time, whenever I move into a new apartment, I can try the craft projects.


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