Posted by: liv | April 11, 2011

Give a Girl an Empty Calendar and She Will Fill It

Some people say that if a girl gets a bigger purse, the more stuff she will find to fill it with.  Shawn says that is the exact thing with me and empty calendars/schedules.

Since the half marathon, I was looking forward to a nice long off-season of relaxing and doing whatever I wanted.  I took that empty calendar and ran with it.  I filled it with:

  • Skydiving (our initial trip was delayed because of weather conditions that day, but it’s been rescheduled).
  • Ridiculous Obstacle Race (seems pretty self explanatory).
  • A concert with Jenny.
  • And another.
  • (If I could find good tickets to Adele and Britney Spear’s concerts, I’d get those too!)
  • Volunteering for my friend’s wife’s non-profit organization.
  • 20 games to the Padres (Shawn is not complaining about that one).
  • Various wedding and baby events (it’s that kind of year this year).
  • I also started a new day-job today.

I feel like a chicken with my head cut off!  Here’s to a good spring/summer!


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