Posted by: liv | March 10, 2011

Island To Port

I have my half marathon coming up this Saturday, it’s my 2nd one in my life (the first being the Carlsbad Half Marathon).  Am I nervous?  A little, my training hasn’t been as stellar as it was during the last one, but I am sure I will survive.  Living in San Diego, it can be tough to find routes worth running because boredom can easily set in, despite the beauty.  I had one particularly beautiful route that I ran so often that now I can barely look at it without instinctively stopping to walk.  Not so good when you are training (but awesome if you want a leisurely walk!)  But a couple weeks ago, I found a terrific one on a site called  It is from Harbor Island to (depending on how far you want to go) to the San Diego Convention Center.  A round trip can be anywhere from 6-10 miles depending on your turn-around point. Jenny and I ran there twice.  The second time, I “took breaks” to take a couple pictures.

Here is the beginning of the run

The Star of India...mile 6 about this point

The Hornblower docked, and some of the Urban Trees

We ran by a lot of places, the airport, the Port where cruise ships dock and some bay tours happen, the USS Midway, through Seaport Village, onto the Convention Center. Also, the Urban Trees are lined up here, which are basically works of art placed into planters (hence trees).


I was partially dying by the 6-7th mile.  This can’t be good, a half marathon is 13.1!  I will just have to pull it together on race day!


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