Posted by: liv | February 24, 2011

$20 Amazon Spree

I don’t know if you jumped on the Daily Deal a while back, but a month or so ago, LivingSocial did a deal where you could get a $20 amazon gift card for like…$10.  It sold a close to a million deals or so.  Well, I finally was able to put it to good use and bought myself a few things, just thought I’d share it with you…

1-P.S. What I Didn’t Say for Kindle

{image from}

I found this book at Anthropologie and thought it was adorable.  I found it on Kindle and downloaded it immediately.  I went through the first 2 letters, and the first one was incredibly emotional.  The second one didn’t feel as emotional as the first, but it was still a good read.  I think we all secretly have something we want to say to friends, whether it is kind or not, this is the first book I’ve ever seen that captures it with wonderful writing.


2-Water For Elephants for Kindle

{image from}

Um…I kind of don’t know anything about this book except that it’s about the circus and there is a movie coming out soon with Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon.  I keep hearing it’s a good book, so I got it.  I guess we’ll see.


3-…Featuring by Norah Jones (download)

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I love Norah Jones.  I believe I was in college when “Don’t Know Why” came out on MTV/VH1.  It was so smooth and relaxing, with awesome vocals.  From then on, I was in love with any song she ever released.  Funny enough, it was the first “common” musical artist Shawn and I both had (I normally like top 40/pop music and he is more into rock/alternative).  When Norah came to San Diego, we definitely had a date night and went to see her live.  She was fantastic.  This album is actually on sale (DOWNLOAD ONLY) on amazon for $5 UNTIL FEB 28 (Don’t believe me?  Look at her Facebook).  Also, did anyone see her on the grammy’s?  Spectacular.


I have 1 cent left in credit.  Hm…what to buy next?… 🙂


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