Posted by: liv | February 10, 2011

V-Day 2011 Plans?

Shawn and I don’t really make a huge deal out of Valentine’s Day…well at least not anymore.  During our first couple V-days together, I got him tickets to a small-venue concert, or baseball tickets, but now we just try to keep it low-key.  We don’t even really celebrate V-day ON the actual day anymore.  The past few years, I told him that his only gift to me on that day is to come with me to a chick-flick of my choosing and to shut up and pretend to enjoy it 😀  Is that too much to ask?  (Well honestly, I would love flowers too, but that isn’t as big a deal to me).

2 years ago it was:


last year:


and now this year, I was nice, I put in a decent comedy factor on it:


What are your plans?


P.S. Here is something funny I found regarding Valentine’s Day in general.  Enjoy!



  1. Does Shawn usually end up liking the movies? I usually find that as long as it’s a good movie, regardless of the girliness, guys like rom coms. Let us know what you think of Just Go With It. I’m not a big Adam Sandler fan, but I’d give a chance.

    • He definitely did not like the last 2 movies I had him see. We will probably go see Just Go With It later this week, but he is mildly entertained by Adam Sandler movies, so I think he’ll enjoy this. I think there are 5 total chick flick movies Shawn is ok with.

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