Posted by: liv | February 2, 2011

New Direction Starts With A Name


For a few months, I have really really NOT liked the name of my own blog!  How mean of me.  Well, today I changed it as you can see above.  The House of Liv is now .  I think it’s fun because I actually do live by the sea, I live in San Diego, where there are many masses of water, and I live near some of them.  Also, I really like the look of lowercase letters and it just sounded catchier to me than House of Liv.

As for the direction of this blog, well that is still to be decided.  I love sharing some of my personal adventures with you as well as random crap that I find, but I also am debating zoning this blog into a real direction.  A while back, I contemplated daily posts about specific topics (like every Monday is about a topic, and so on), but since I am having consistency posting issues, that might be too difficult for me to do at this point in time.

But every path starts with a step, and the new name is just something I really wanted to do.  It’ll help me in thinking about the next step and the future of this blog.

What do you think?



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