Posted by: liv | January 21, 2011

Resolutions: Better Late Than Never


Phew, better late than never.  Here are my 2011 resolutions:

-Check myself before I wreck myself – I will keep up to date with all my medical/dental appts
-Needs vs Wants: Whole apartment edition – Determine what we need vs want and throw out anything we don’t need/want
-Needs vs Wants: Categorize everything edition – Categorize all my needs/wants based off what I am missing (clothes, various products)
-Needs vs Wants: Replacement/replenish edition – Replace anything that I am missing based off my needs/wants list
-Fitness goals: 1 half-marathon, 1 triathlon, and 1 extra race if I can help it
-Volunteering: No more than 1-2  charities, then set consistent time to participate
-Book stack: Finish books on shelf

Money (other than pay bills):
-Save for down payment/sec deposit on new place – Not quite sure when, but for when that happens
-Shopping: Do what I can to support small businesses, but don’t spend too much trying to do it

-Stick with my classes – I signed up for a class in a new field to try it out.  After the first class, I will decide if it was the right direction for me.  Details on that later
-Become more involved and experienced with Social Media/Blogging
-Reorganize all my posts – Some posts aren’t as organized as I like and I usually pride myself on being organized.  So that needs to get fixed.


Wish me luck!



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