Posted by: liv | January 19, 2011

Holy Sprinkles Batman

Well if you live near UTC in San Diego, you may have noticed a ridiculous line at a little shop in the Whole Foods complex.  That is because Sprinkles Cupcake shop has opened up here.  Currently I am waiting in a mildly long line to squeeze into this little shop.  I heard from my brother one day that these cupcakes are awesome.  I have only tried a few places here in SD and they suck so I am hoping that my brother is right.

Stay tuned for a picture and update!


UPDATE: So it took me about 40 minutes to get in, the store closed at 7pm and I wasn’t actually in the store until about 7:20.  Cupcakes are 3.50 each.  I walked out with 6 (they are minorly cheaper if you get a dozen, but since it was end-of-day cupcakes, I didn’t want to pay for 12 when I’d rather do that for fresher cupcakes).  I walked out with 3 red velvets, 1 vanilla, 1 chocolate peanut butter, and 1 dark chocolate.  The dark chocolate and one red velvet was for my brother, the rest were for Shawn and I.  They were GOOD.  It would’ve been better to get them earlier in the day, but I’ll have to save that for a nice early weekend morning.  Still very good.  Best cupcakes I’ve had in San Diego so far!

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