Posted by: liv | January 6, 2011

200! Also, My Holiday Recap

I’d like to start off my first 2011 post by saying that this is my 200th post!  What an amazing feat!  I definitely didn’t think I’d last to 200 posts.  Maybe 50 at best, but this is a great milestone for me.  Woop woop!

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So how was everyone’s’ Christmas (Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, etc) and New Years?  My holidays started off well with Shawn and I attending the Poinsettia Bowl at Qualcomm Stadium with San Diego State University vs. Navy.  Neither of us went to SDSU, but it seemed poetic.  I kept forgetting that San Diego holds 2 college bowl games every year (Poinsettia and Holiday Bowl), so we chose to go to Poinsettia, then the day we bought the tickets, we found out SDSU would be playing.  I think the news said it was their first bowl game in 12 years.  They won, we had a great time (even though they botched up the halftime show completely).


This year is the first year I was unable to spend Christmas with my family (due to everyone being so spread out around the country), so I went with Shawn to his family’s house for the weekend, where I finally met his nephew Kain and his sister Samantha.  We enjoyed a nice easy-going weekend where I’m pretty sure I did more sleeping than I did in the month of December total.  Shawn bought me a cute Chargers shirt, an electric kettle (don’t worry, I asked for one), and a Kindle!  I haven’t had a chance to put any books on it, but I will soon, hopefully.

New Year’s was really low key.  Shawn and I spent all night watching the entire Matrix Trilogy.  It was only when we heard the fireworks coming from 10 minutes away that we realized it was midnight.  We said “happy new year!” to each other, and continued to watch Neo execute his plan for the machines and to stop Agent Smith.

Starting off the new year happy and healthy was not without a sense of irony.  I got another staph infection (yeah, I don’t want to say where, and I’m sure you don’t want a picture so we’ll skip all that) and spent a couple hours waiting in a doctor’s office to get that looked at and taken care of the first waking hours of January 1.  These things are ridiculous.  I’m about to do a major disinfection of my whole apartment.  But back to a happy thought.

With all this extra candy we came home with from Christmas, I invited the girls over for a chocolate breakfast, which I mentioned here.  Shawn cooked up some chocolate chip pancakes while I made chocolate covered apple  slices, orange slices, banana slices, cherries, and a few pieces of chocolate covered bacon.  Everything tasted really good.  It was my first time making chocolate covered bacon.  It was pretty good.  Don’t know that I can make it all the time, but I would give it a shot.

Speaking of giving it a shot, I also signed up for this half marathon in March.  It is at the Safari Park (formally known as the San Diego Wild Animal Park).  You get to run near the safari area where the animals will all be chilling.  Unfortunately, you don’t run in the park the whole time, I think about 65% of the route is outside the park, but you do get to finish inside the park, and then you can spend the rest of the day at the park.  It will be my second half marathon in 2 years.  I am also researching potential triathlons for later this year.

I am pretty excited at what else 2011 has in store for me.  I did not forget about my resolutions, they’re just not done yet, but you can bet they involve new workouts, new adventures, and new goals.

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