Posted by: liv | December 29, 2010

Chocolate Breakfast

Last night, I had a funny conversation on Facebook with my 2 girl friends about needing them to help me finish the insane amount of holiday candy I acquired this year.  We have so many cookies and candies.  I managed to set aside a major pile of just plain hershey kisses and some chocolate lollipops.  After sharing the conversation with Shawn, we conjured up what we’re calling “Chocolate Breakfast”…this weekend I’ll be taking those plain milk chocolates and melting them down and dipping fruits (strawberries, oranges, and apples) into them.  We’re also going to cut up some into pieces and set them aside for chocolate chip pancakes, and last but not least, we’ll be making the attempt at chocolate covered bacon.  I do have some tea and hot chocolate depending on if everyone wants that too.


The girls have obviously been invited.  I figure everyone wins.  They help a friend in need, and we get rid of these chocolates!


Stay tuned for pictures after this weekend.  I hope you all have a Happy New Year!  What are your plans?  My plans are to sit around and I really couldn’t be happier with those plans.



  1. I would totally help you out with the chocolate disposal!!!
    Jamie and I are going to a cabin party in Snoqualmie for New Years!

  2. […] home with from Christmas, I invited the girls over for a chocolate breakfast, which I mentioned here.  Shawn cooked up some chocolate chip pancakes while I made chocolate covered apple  slices, […]

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