Posted by: liv | December 13, 2010

Amazing Story

I found this last week but didn’t get a chance to post it until today, but I read this incredible story about a girl whose wedding was called off within days of the wedding (for unshared reasons), she called the local Salvation Army and donated her soon-to-be-NOT-used-and-not-refundable wedding food and reception all to 150 hungry local people.

Click here for the story.

I just thought this story was both sad and wonderful at the same time.  I’d probably sit in a room alone and not talk to anyone if for some reason this were to happen to me (maybe that is what she did since she had her dad host the dinner, it doesn’t look like she showed up).  After reading this article though, I definitely consider this the classier way to handle something heartbreaking like that.   I hope some good comes to that girl.  She really deserves it.



  1. What a sweet story, Olivia! Thanks so much for sharing this. I feel the same as you: I’d hope if something similar happened to me, I would be able to think of others so generously.

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