Posted by: liv | December 8, 2010

Wishlist 2010

Anyone care what is on my wishlist?  Yes?  No?  That’s fine, I’m telling you anyways.


1-A Gorillapod

Photo from

A flexible tripod for my digital camera (and I’m not sure what the Flip camera, but I’ll try it out).  I think this will help much better than carefully placing it on something and praying it doesn’t fall before I get back to it.


2-Trendy winter scarves/gloves/hats.  For example…

From Nordstrom
Circle/Ring Scarf…Also Nordstrom
Hat…Also from Nordstrom

I can’t get over how cute this trend is.  I live in San Diego too…but I’ll wear it anyways!


3-Yoga Mat

I don’t care where it comes from so long as it’s useful and thick-ish (as far as yoga mats go)…and a cute color wouldn’t hurt either.


4-Various. Awesome. Movies. And this one.


5-An Asian Water Heater

Those things are amazing.  Promise.


6-And new/cute exercising clothes.


Is that too much to ask from Santa? 🙂


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