Posted by: liv | December 3, 2010

Book Signings Are Weird

After spending a weekend at Shawn’s parent’s house for Thanksgiving, Shawn helped get me to the Barnes and Noble in Oceanside where I met up with Jenny to check out Apolo Anton Ohno’s Zero Regrets book signing.  My plan was actually to just borrow the book from Jenny after she finished reading her copy, but then we didn’t waste any time when the chance came to finally meet him.  We’ve really admired him since his 2 visits to the Olympics.  I can still remember in my head how in the first Olympics he was in, how that guy from (I think Korea…ok, maybe my mind is slipping a little) cut him off and how he knew he won even when the guy came in before him, because he knew that the guy broke the rules.  That might actually be my favorite race of his.  But I digress…

Woohoo! Apolo!


His tour bus

Are you wondering where MY picture with him was?  Well, there was none.  (Now for my posting title relevance), book signings are weird!!  I ended up buying the book at B&N to avoid what happened last time.  (Which I honestly find stupid because I should be able to get the author’s book signed REGARDLESS of where I buy it).  But Apolo’s book signing team was incredibly pushy.  It killed us.  They rush you so bad, you barely have 5 seconds to talk to him and before you know it, you haven’t even finished the words “I’m a big fan” before you are almost yelled at to move out of the way.  They did change their mind about pictures (as they were originally not even going to let us take any), but they rushed Jenny and my picture with Apolo did not happen (Jenny got a pretty good one w/ him though).  I might’ve managed to get in about 10 seconds of conversation…might’ve.

We left and I tried to chalk it up to “that is how book signings are” but Jenny was incredibly angry.  The movies always show book signings as the author having a 1 minute conversation with the fan, signing the book, and taking a picture.  This didn’t feel like the movies at all.  How can you have a conversation with the author if everyone is telling you to hurry up and leave so the next person gets a turn!?  Waiting for 1 hour or more for 5 seconds of conversation is just stupid.  I appreciate his eagerness to have an aggressive schedule (the man had 5 signings in one day), but it took away from the personable nature of a book signing.   Pleeaasseee make your book signings longer and not so cramped!

Seriously though, Apolo, I am a big fan!  I watched you in both Olympics and also on Dancing with the Stars!  I am not a big fan of your book signing team.  😦

His book is on my nightstand.  It’s next in line after I finish reading The Happiness Project (I can’t start 2 books at once, it’s just impossible).



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  2. I agree! I love apolo and completely admire his work as I see him to be an inspiration. However, I was rather disappointed with “Team Apolo.” The way he presents himself in the social media light (twitter, FB) and all the excitement he carried to the signing tour was NOT how it was presented in real life.

    To Apolo….I’m still a fan, and admire your work…..but next time: maybe do 4 signings in one day instead of 5 …so that you can show a little bit of love to your fans who take the time to see you, buy your book, and cheer for your success. All I wanted was 15 seconds to say “congrats on your bestseller, I admire your work, I’m a fan, and hope you enjoyed San Diego” and that did NOT happen because Team apolo was too much in a rush to get to the next person so you can make your next signing on time within the hour. You lost a couple of kudos for that. 😦

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