Posted by: liv | October 28, 2010

Tears and Martial Arts

Last night, I finally made it to the San Diego Asian Film Festival to see the one movie I had time to see this week (I couldn’t go last weekend because of Vegas and the festival wraps up tonight!)  The film that I picked was called Bodyguards and Assassins.  I was in the mood for a little martial arts!  (I love martial arts, I always regretted not learning one.)    It was pretty good.  Less ridiculous fighting (there still was some, but it didn’t take up the whole movie), and more drama/political storyline.  Here is a trailer for the movie…


It was a pretty emotional movie actually.  I felt myself choking back a few tears.  That’s never happened before during a martial arts movie….



  1. I love film festivals – especially when you get to see something that won’t necessarily get a wide release. I haven’t seen a martial arts film in forever and now I’m totally in the mood to do so!

  2. […] is the start of the 12th annual San Diego Asian Film Festival (remember when I talked about it last year?).  I volunteered with them this year, so it’s a lot more exciting for me this time […]

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