Posted by: liv | October 25, 2010

Vegas Weekend Wrap-up and Happiness Overload

Well my trip to Vegas is done! It was a super fantastic and fun weekend.  Jenny and I also saw the Beatles soundtracked cirque du soleil show LOVE.  It was very good. It didn’t have a real plot that I could tell but I love Beatles music and cirque performances so it still gets an ‘A’ in my book.  We also did a little shopping at the mall in Planet Hollywood. It isn’t a bad mall.  Between that, my night with JT and Friends, and losing all the money I brought with me to the house, I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend.  Speaking of which…



While I was away, some exciting things happened. My sister has her baby! I have a beautiful niece named Mei Li. I need to go visit her as soon as I can find a good vacation weekend!

I also found out my friend Jessie is engaged! We’ve been great friends since high school and I couldn’t be happier for her and her fiance!  🙂

Happiness overload indeed.  Even before I left for Vegas, my brother got married, and my best friend Kim had her baby too!  I’m glad there is no limit for how happy you can be because I’d surpass that.



  1. yay angie! all good things!

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