Posted by: liv | October 19, 2010

Annual Race and Movies Time

In the next couple weeks, I actually still have some busy-ness (not business) going on.

The 11th annual San Diego Asian Film Festival is starting up.

I’ve known about this festival for the last 6 years, but I finally managed to go last year.  It’s actually created by one of my friend’s wife.  This place sees lots of press and people, who come to watch Asian movies of all kinds, and we’re not talking about just action/martial arts movies, we’re also talking about indie, comedy, romance, and all other genres featuring (or created by) Asians (and by Asians, I don’t mean just Chinese, I mean Korean, Japanese, Indian, Filipino, etc).  It’s really fun.  I also love movies, so I already have plans to see one, and hopefully two if I can squeeze it in.  (I accidentally planned a Vegas trip around this time too!)

Also, there is another annual event coming up that gets my participation.  The annual San Diego Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure.  I do my best to race this event every year to show my support for Breast Cancer research.  I (like many women and men) have been directly or indirectly touched by this disease in one way or another.  So I like to rally and show up for this every year.  The course is so-so, there is this one hill that I seriously hate, but other than that, I’m just there to be supportive.


There are actually a few other things I got going on, but that is another post for another day.



  1. […] this Thursday is the start of the 12th annual San Diego Asian Film Festival (remember when I talked about it last year?).  I volunteered with them this year, so it’s a lot more exciting for me this […]

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