Posted by: liv | October 18, 2010

Already Preparing

(On a quick side note: the weather change craziness here in SD is killing me!  I spent one of my first commitment-free weekends SICK.  boooooooooo.  Now back to the post)

I know, I know, Halloween isn’t even here yet, but I am a Halloween skipper.  That holiday has gone into my bucket of “Holidays I won’t celebrate again until I have children.”  Sorry.  Like Jay-Z said, “on to the next one…”

Thanksgiving, well I LOVE Thanksgiving, but I never host those, so again, on to the next one…

I tend to prepare to Christmas like…the day after last Christmas (ok, not literally, but I love Christmas, I would celebrate it year-round if Shawn would let me)…this year is a little up in the air in terms of travel and where I’m spending the holidays, but in terms of local flare, I am already doing my usual prep work….

1-I’m already making my list!…and I’ve checked it way more than twice.

2-I already have my theme for my small Christmas party!  You ready for it?…this year, it’s “As Seen on TV”!…with one rule, NO SNUGGIES.  I better not see a lot of Shakeweights either…

3-I even kind of prepared a couple months ago when I saw that a local Hallmark was closing down and I bought 5 rolls of gift wrap for $1 each!  Can’t beat that!

4-I’m working out my budget and the gift exchange details…but I’ll actually wait till November to email those out.  Hey, I still got a LITTLE sense left in me about that.

5-I am stopping all shopping trips for MYSELF.  That is what #1 is for.

Well…that’s actually it.  Shawn is lucky I haven’t pulled out the tree yet.  He’d make me put it back.  Lame.


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