Posted by: liv | October 13, 2010

30+ Before 30

Ok…this post just reminded me that I don’t have long before 30!  (~1.5 years!)  So I am due to create my 30 Before 30 list.  I am probably going to include a couple things I have already done (because they’re big accomplishments for me) and a few bonus ones to counter those.  And since I hate being too scatterbrained about it, I will try to organize them by category:


  1. Run a half marathon (check!)
  2. Race a triathlon (check!)
  3. Race a duathlon
  4. Go skydiving
  5. Hike a local trail/mountain
  6. Maintain a healthy relationship (schedule) with yoga
  7. Swim with sharks (in a cage)


  1. Try to obtain my ideal body shape (don’t freak, I don’t think I’m fat or anything, but there are some issues I have in the “toned” department that I’d like to see fixed once and for all)
  2. Clothing/accessories – I (surprisingly) want to own less, but I want what I have to say something about me having real style
  3. Dye my hair a dramatic color that still works for me
  4. Embrace a small piece of makeup…we’ll start with lip gloss

I want, I want, I want (things):

  1. Get a dog
  2. A new place for just Shawn and I (apt/condo/whatever)
  3. Craigslist “win” or build some of my core pieces of furniture (except the bed…can’t be having that).
  4. Speaking of which, a new bed
  5. Purchase a new car (check!)
  6. Travel abroad one more time

I want, I want, I want (other):

  1. Learn a new skill in crafts (check!)
  2. Target some new career skills I want and go back to school for them
  3. Determine career path
  4. Read 3 more books before 30 (I’m a slow reader, so this is a decent goal)
  5. Finalize the elimination of clutter in my life/home (I decluttered a while back, but not completely…)
  6. Final super-organization of all my life’s necessary documents/things
  7. Begin baking again
  8. Finish my search for San Diego’s best cupcake!
  9. Complete a recent Final Fantasy game (I have 4 of them that haven’t been finished…)
  10. Increase my volunteering (so far it’s once a month, if that!)
  11. Donate my hair to locks for love (or whatever it’s called…then I will go back to the hair dying thing) (check!)
  12. Get back to VA/DC for the cherry blossoms
  13. Get the lingering recipes I have lying around in their proper place (blog and notebook)


  1. Run a marathon (this is a bonus because after I did a half-marathon, I realized that there is no way I want to do a full one….but I could try)
  2. Take my blog to the next level (new perma-name, full-time domain name, possible non-wordpress-template look!)

You might wonder where “get married” and “have a family” are in there…I think it’s kind of a jinx to add that, don’t you think?  So they aren’t there.  That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love to see that happen before 30, but it just doesn’t feel like it should be on the list.

There you have it, my 30 before 30.  Wish me luck!



  1. Liv – I’m impressed and inspired. I’ll do the shark cage with you. In Oahu we were going to do it at the North Shore, but apparently it was less than thrilling….. so – let’s research and DO IT!

    • sounds good to me! 🙂

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