Posted by: liv | October 13, 2010

100 Kisses!

Jess at Makeunder My Life is giving us JessLC Ambassadors a chance to host our own giveaway!

So I’m here to:

1-Make my post for the entry

2-Explain why I decided to become an ambassador

3-Remind you that you should check out her stuff, it’s freaking cute!

So anyways, I became a JessLC ambassador for various reasons.  1-I am a sucker for cute things, 2-I am a sucker for the entrepreneurial spirit, and 3-Because I WANTED TO.  Did I not tell you that I was an “oversharer?”  (If I didn’t, you should check out my About section)…I wanted to share the joy that is JessLC with the world and that is what I did when I blogged about this earlier this year!  So go check out her stuff!  If I’m lucky, I can host a giveaway and you guys could get a $100 gift certificate to buy her stuff!  I already own 2 necklaces.  I could certainly own a few more 😉


  1. Good luck! We all know you love JessLC!!! You deserve it!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing about being an Ambassador! I am so happy to know you love entrepreneurism and cute things- those happen to be my favs as well (surprise, surprise). 😉

    Have a great weekend and good luck!

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