Posted by: liv | September 29, 2010

Being a Triathlete Costs WHAT?!

So my triathlon is coming up this weekend.  Holy cowwwwww!  Just thought I’d give you a taste of what you could expect to spend if you did a triathlon for the first time:

(All values are rounded)

1 new bathing suit (that I used for training but won’t use for the actual race): $30

1 new pair of goggles (used for training and will use for race): $10

1 new-used tri-wetsuit: $100

1 bike from friend: $0 (but depending on your commitment level, you could find something for as little as $200 and has high as the sky)

1 already owned helmet: $0 (original price $40)

1 appointment for new tires, tubes, and brakes on said bike: $100

1 new bike rack for car: $60

3 pieces of tri-related clothing (on sale…that at least 2 of those pieces will be worn during the race)): $80

1 2.5-month long tri-training session: $120

1 entry into the Mission Bay Triathlon: $80

Grand Total: $580

(My wallet was like WTF Olivia?!)  But I don’t think you could beat this:


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