Posted by: liv | September 24, 2010

CLW: Craigslist WIN – Table (Hunt For Chairs Continues)

Last weekend, I picked up this baby from a person off Craigslist:

Just table, not chairs

But I am having a horrible time trying to CLW my way to some chairs!  I’ve written a couple people who did not respond 😦  I am looking for 6 dark wood chairs to match this table!  But omigosh, I’m laughing hysterically at some chairs that are being posted.  Look!

(I KNOW RIGHT?!?!?!)

The hunt continues…

(Also, if you think my current chairs are bad, trust me, I’ve wanted to change the fabric on those for a while), but they have to stay until I can find new replacement chairs!…people gotta sit, you know?)



  1. Your current chairs have NOTHING on the loud & obnoxious gems you are finding on craigslist!!!

  2. I’ve heard that craiglisters can be a bit flaky! Good luck with your search. I can’t wait to see what you get!

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