Posted by: liv | September 15, 2010

Blogger 20 Questions

At the Pink and Blue Blog, Ms Pink did a blogger’s survey…and I used to be no stranger to those forwarded email surveys, Facebook surveys…so why should this be any different?

1. Blogging since…

I can’t remember what month, but I am going to guess Sept 2009-ish. December 2008!!!

2. Was there any event, incident or anecdote in your life that pushed you to start blogging?

I got hooked on reading blogs.  It started with Personal Finance, then somehow tangented to design and then I just invaded the blog rolls of the blogs I was hooked on.  I really just wanted to be like them…yeah, I’m a wannabe.

3. Did you follow any blog before creating yours?

The Simple Dollar -> Jeune Marie -> coco+kelley -> EVERYTHING…

4. Do your family and friends know about your blog?

Actually, I’m not sure.  I never publicly announced I was blogging, but I do have my URLs on my facebook.

5. Favorite time of the day to write posts.

When I have time and can think of things to write about.

6. Longest hiatus between posts.

Couple weeks

7. Have you set any goal about your blog? Anything you want to achieve with it?

I thought it’d be nice to gain some followers, but I just want to do it to do it and also keep the world informed of things they may or may not have known about.

8. Do you believe it has some kind of social function?

For sure.  I think just about anything on the internet is social.
9. What would put an end to your blog?
If the desire faded
10. Do you have or consider having more than one blog?

Yes, I have a recipes blog, but I am thinking of making a more adventure-related blog, but that is still speculation.  I’m not sure if I want to maintain 3 blogs just yet.

11. You follow more a) personal blogs, b) news blogs, c) thematic blogs.


12. You tell yourself you need to a) “post/comment less”, b) “post/comment more”, c) “post less, comment more”, d) “post more, comment less”.


13. Have you ever stepped back and delete things after posting?

of course

14. Have you refused to publish any comment? Why?

yeah, because the spammers are trying to get me.

15. Has Twitter changed anything about your blogging habits?

i JUST signed up for twitter, I haven’t quite figured it out yet 😛

16. Has Facebook changed anything about your blogging habits?


17. Do you ever wonder if you’re disclosing too many personal details?


18. Do you feel like a blog star?


19. Do you conceive blogging without the help of Google Images or Youtube?

I have no idea

20. Have you lied in this questionnaire


Ok, enjoy!  I am gonna post this on twitter 🙂



  1. yay! someone else did it ❤


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